Creating an attractive, compelling mailing is one thing. Getting it into the right hands is an entirely different matter. At Presort Plus, we don't want your hard work to end up undelivered, or in the hands of someone who doesn't need it! We don't want your money wasted on duplicate mail pieces. You can have the best printed piece in the world, but if it is mailed to the wrong people, or doesn't reach the intended recipient, that piece may be completely wasted.

Our list acquisition services are designed to help you find and acquire useful lists. Whether you want to reach families with children on the north side of town, or residential construction companies with fewer than five employees, we can help you find that list. Need 100 records? 1 million? 100 million? It can be done.

You might believe you have the cleanest database in town. And you just might! But, experience has proven that a lot of lists could use some work, to say the least. Our data hygiene services help you maximize existing databases by updating old records, removing duplicates and enhancing deliverability. We'd be happy to provide a free analysis of your most recent mailing list, to see what areas we can suggest for improvement.

If you're ready to go beyond the basics and really get to know your customers, Presort Plus has the tools you need. We can take the guesswork out of your marketing plan through Data Modeling technology that statistically profiles your existing database and gives you a customized market penetration analysis. Do you need to know more about the people in your database? Age? Income? Homeowner or Renter? Marital status? With detailed demographic information, we give you the power to market more effectively and to find other prospects just like those already in your database. That sort of precision can dramatically improve your return on investment for every project and mailing.