Printing and mailing aren't just finishing touches at Presort Plus, Inc. – they're the primary reasons we exist. Your projects provide us opportunities to put our knowledge and expertise to use, showcasing your work through our wide range of printing and mailing solutions. We are continually developing our products and services by identifying industry trends, by improving standard procedures and, most importantly, by listening to you, our clients.

We all live in the world of ever-shrinking budgets, shorter deadlines, and a high demand for quality. From our point of view, these pressures create opportunities for us to assist organizations by stretching budgets and improving efficiencies, all while keeping quality at the top of the list. Most of our products and services revolve around one or both of those concepts – stretching budgets and improving efficiencies.

Presort Plus can take your project from a general concept or idea all the way to the recipient's mailbox or digital screen. From an electronic file all the way through printing, folding, inserting, metering and mailing. Or we can pick up your completed first class mail and simply presort and barcode to create instant savings for your postal budget. We customize solutions at each end of the spectrum and everywhere in between, to be sure each clients' specific needs are met.

We look forward to discussing your next printing and mailing project. Bring us something as simple as a sketch on a napkin and let us guide you through design, printing and mailing – all the way to households across the nation and even across the globe. That's why we're here!