Mailing services have always been the heart and soul of Presort Plus. Take advantage of our decades of experience as you navigate the world of mailing fulfillment and postal regulations. Sometimes an eighth of inch can make a huge difference, even doubling your postage or processing costs. By bringing us in during the early stages of a project, you can make simple adjustments and avoid costly situations. Our services and expertise have allowed some clients to pay for complete mail handling with the same budget that once covered postage alone.

Newsletters, postcards and invitations. Statements and invoices. Magazines and catalogs. Legal notices. Personalized letters. We can take each of these pieces from its electronic form all the way to the United States Post Office. With services such as presorting and barcoding, we save you money and expedite your mail delivery to its destination.

Presorting and Barcoding
Presorting is where we began. The process is so simple it almost seems too good to be true: Every day, we pick up your daily, first-class mail. Every day, you save postage on each letter-sized or flat-sized piece of mail that we pick up.

We process your mail on equipment that reads the addresses, applies the proper barcode on each piece, and sorts the pieces by zip code. That same day, your sorted mail is delivered to the United States Post Office, where it is given priority over other mail, bypassing time-consuming processing steps and ultimately getting to the final destination faster.

And then there's the part that seems too good to be true: You pay nothing for this service! Why? Because the post office pays us to do this work and you get to keep your postage savings. It really is that simple.

Mailroom Fulfillment
Tired of the daily hassle of processing your daily first-class mail? Sealing, weighing, metering? Those daily treks to the nearest post office and then waiting in line? And the daily grind only gets worse when machines break, service technicians are running behind, ink and supplies run out, or the clouds decide to open up with pouring rain.

When you use our mailroom fulfillments services, you wash your hands of the grind. No more fighting with the machines, the technicians and the weather – just your mail, delivered. Done by someone else, and done right.

Our lettershop is thoroughly equipped and staffed to make every piece of your mail look perfect – from addresses and tabs to inserts and packaging.

High speed digital laser printing and inkjet addressing gives your project the personalized touch. Whether your job needs tabs/wafer seals or stamps, or you need letters or invoices folded, our automation equipment is built for that. We can mechanically handle all kinds of inserts, including matched inserts. For the most complicated jobs, we offer hand assembly of kits and packages, so you can send a complete packet of customized materials to every single name on your list.

Statement Processing
When you take advantage of our statement processing services, you're free to focus on your core business and mission. And when we're handling your statements, we're focusing on ours.

Mail production is our expertise. We can save you time and money while processing all kinds of business documents efficiently and professionally. Bring us your bills, invoices, statements, collection letters, premium notices, policies, donation notices, or any other type of software-driven documents. Our design team can collaborate with you to improve the format, or we can duplicate your existing layout. Then our programming team takes over, working with you to interpret data and create programming for exceptional output. We can consolidate multiple documents to the same recipient into the same package, saving materials and postage costs. Or, we can deliver your documents electronically and accept electronic payments through our EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment & Presentation) processing.

Don't struggle to stay on top of changing postal regulations, software updates, equipment maintenance and employee issues. Just transmit your electronic files to us, and your job is done.

Postal Optimization
Postal optimization gives you the opportunity to achieve savings beyond the typical discounted rates for presorted mail. It's a highly specialized field in which we're experts. And the savings generated through postal optimization are sometimes even enough to cover the entire cost of mailing services!

Depending on your project, we might recommend comingling your mail with other clients' mail for better postal saturation and shared transportation costs. Or we may process and ship portions of your mailings to different delivery points or provided specialized data processing through United State Postal Service licensees for lower postage rates. Whatever the solution for your situation, postal optimization is all about saving you postage money.