Since 1986, Presort Plus, Inc. has been on the leading edge of document printing and mailing fulfillment. Just a few years before in 1981, the United States Postal Service began offering discounts on letter-sized, first-class mail that was presorted to USPS specifications. Our founders saw a unique, new business opportunity and, after visiting several areas in the Southeast, chose the Upstate of South Carolina as home for their new company, Presorting Plus, which was later changed to Presort Plus, Inc.

In the decades since, we have steadily expanded our services, utilizing new technologies, new equipment, industry partners, and most importantly, talented people. Those resources and people all work seamlessly toward one goal: providing our clients the very best printing, mailing and digital solutions available.

We were the first presort bureau in South Carolina to purchase and install a multi-line optical character reader, or MLOCR. It's just one of numerous capabilities we've added through the years, many of them implemented following discussions with our clients about their changing needs.

Today, we are a full-service presort bureau, mailhouse, lettershop, printer and digital solutions provider. We offer a complete range of services necessary for high impact, timely mailings. These include data mining and analysis, list acquisition, graphic design, high volume direct mail campaigns, offset and variable data printing, wide format printing, statement rendering, mailroom fulfillment, presorting and web services – to name a few!

When you choose Presort Plus, you're choosing a custom solution. We dedicate our best efforts to ensure every client maximizes resources while improving printing and mailing processes and the desired results.